Synology Dual-port E10G18-T2

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Enjoy a smooth migration to high-speed 10Gbps Ethernet. E10G18-T2 delivers superior transmission performance with the capability to offload packet processing and free up CPU resources for more tasks. It supports IEEE 802.3an/ab (10GBASE-T/1000BASE-T) and 802.3x with dual RJ-45 connectors, providing a total data rate of 20Gbps using standard CAT6 or better UTP cabling connections. Features such as Link Aggregation, Jumbo Frame, TSO, and TCP/UDP/IP Checksum offloading satisfy most workloads requiring high performance, making E10G18-T2 an ideal and economical solution for 10Gbps networking adoption.

SKU: E10G18-T2 Category:


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