Dual-port 100 GbE network expansion card

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The dual-port QXG-100G2SF-CX6 100GbE network expansion card with NVIDIA Mellanox® ConnectX-6 Dx controller supports PCIe 4.0 and provides up to 200Gbps total throughput to overcome performance bottlenecks. Supporting offload functionality including RDMA, RoCE v1/v2, and SR-IOV (1K VFs & 8 PFs), the QXG-100G2SF-CX6 greatly boosts network efficiency and is ideal for I/O-intensive and latency-sensitive virtualization and data centers. The QXG-100G2SF-CX6 is a perfect match for all-flash storage to realize the highest performance potential for ever-demanding IT challenges.

Out of stock

SKU: QXG-100G2SF-CX6 Category:


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